The spine serves as a flexible pillar that protects the spinal cord and supports body weight. It is natural for spinal discs to degenerate over the years for several reasons, including physical trauma and repetitive stress. However, overlooking spine-related problems can lead to numbness, extreme back pain, difficulties with sitting, and more. This article will provide you several reasons to consider artificial disc replacement surgery, so keep reading.

Reason #1: Prevents Further Spinal Disc Damage

Ignoring spinal disc damage for too long will also damage the other discs. Fortunately, you can avoid dealing with this situation by opting for artificial disc replacement surgery. The artificial disc will solve all current spine issues, allowing you to perform at your best. Additionally, this type of surgery improves the natural flexibility of the spine.

Reason #2: Little to No Risk Involved

Artificial spine discs have come a long way, thanks to numerous innovations and improvements. The artificial discs utilized nowadays are very safe and durable. For those who worry about the disc breaking or getting another surgery, you can rest assured that any of those won’t be necessary. Some alternative surgical procedures use bone grafts, but they usually come with more risks and complications.

Reason #3: Improved Mobility

Patients can continue leading active lifestyles after the surgery since vertebral bondings are not required. Because of this perk, the remaining vertebral discs can efficiently shift as needed. Many individuals prefer artificial disc replacement surgery over other methods, which is not surprising.

Utilizing screws, bone grafts, and plates limits the range of motion at the affected disc space. Having reduced mobility would likely become too troublesome for others. If a good motion range matters to you, choosing the alternative disc replacement route is probably ideal.

Reason #4: Quicker Recovery Time

Compared to other surgical procedures like fusion operation, the recovery time from a disc replacement is much quicker. The majority of patients recover within the short span of three months. Once you fully recover, you can resume taking on vigorous activities such as running.

Revision surgery appointments won’t be obligatory in the future, as long as you take good care of yourself after the procedure. Several clinical studies have shown positive long-term results for the previous patients as well.


Artificial disc replacement surgery comes with numerous benefits. Still, this option is not suitable for everyone. For individuals who suspect that they have back-related problems, consulting a medical expert is your best option. The peace of mind you’ll get afterward would make the time and effort you’ll invest worth it.

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