No matter how affectionate you’re to your dog, it’s virtually impossible to be with them all the time. This is primarily attributed to the hectic life schedules that deprive us of the time we spend with our furry friends. Sometimes leaving your dog at home alone can be very upsetting to you and your pet. When left alone for many hours, dogs tend to get nervous and lonely, prompting them to engage t in destructive behaviors, which can damage your property, especially furniture. Dog daycare facilities are becoming a viable solution to the ever-busy and on-the-go homeowners seeking to keep their pets fully engaged while away.

With lots of facilities providing dog daycare services, it can be very challenging to find one that’s suitable for your dog. For that reason, let’s look at the top tips for finding a decent dog daycare.

Seek Referrals From Friends, Colleagues, and Family Members

Seeking referrals from people you highly regard will more often yield exceptional results. Reach out to everyone and try to find out their experiences with the various dog daycares. On top of that, extend your search to authoritative websites to bolster your prospects of finding a decent dog daycare facility for your pet.

Tour the Facility In Person

Once you have drawn up a list of possible daycares, visit each of them and note the following:

  • Staff to dog ratio: The dog daycare facility should be adequately staffed to care for the dogs enlisted.
  • Cleanliness: The facility should be thoroughly clean to support the health and well-being of your pet.
  • Outdoor areas: The facility should have a high enough barrier, especially a wall or a fence, to prevent the dogs from crossing over.
  • How dogs are treated and supervised: Search for staffers that accord their absolute attention to their dogs. Pay attention to how they manage the dogs. They should be able to read the dog’s body language and respond accordingly.
  • General appearance and demeanor of staff: The staff at the facility need to be friendly, informed, and communicative. In addition, they need to be likable by both humans and canine creatures. If the staff happen to be unresponsive, less-informed, or unconcerned, avoid that daycare facility at all costs.

Ask the Past and Current Clients About Their View on the Facility

You can do this by initiating a conversation in the parking area or by personally contacting the authors of any positive online reviews.

Observe the Parking Lot and Lobby

You can do this by studying the body language of dogs when dropping them off at the facility. Do they appear thrilled, or do they seem restless? Do they seem excited while leaving the facility?

Pay attention to how staffers treat dogs during pick up and drop off. Are they well-versed in preventing scuffles and allowing the dogs to exit the door? Are they well-informed on using dog and human names? Do they appear to handle paperwork and payment procedures professionally and efficiently? Staffers at Puparazzi LA, the leading dog daycare in Los Angeles, have all these aspects. This daycare offers a wide range of selection packages providing pet owners a variety of options to choose from. This is one of the reasons that this dog daycare facility is highly rated.

If you’re looking for quality dog daycare services in Los Angeles, look no further than Puparazzi LA, as we are highly rated for consistent provision of quality services. You can initiate an online chat by visiting the website and ask for a free quote.

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