Healthcare organizations are tapping into the vast flexible workforce to stay fully staffed during busy days. Whether it is permanent or per diem staffing, healthcare nurse staffing keeps organizations ways ahead and more nurses employed. Are you looking for healthcare nurse staffing services? Check out this guide below to determine how and if per diem is the best option for you.

How to Find Healthcare Recruitment Services

If you need to find healthcare nurse staffing services, it is wise to know where these recruiters search for candidates. Placing yourself in their way gives you the direct benefit of not having to struggle finding healthcare nurse staffing recruiters.

At UNIHCR, the recruitment team is dedicated to providing top-quality per diem nurses for all healthcare facilities. The recruiters use a strict and extensive screening and hiring process to ensure your organization gets the best healthcare nurses who meet your unique per diem staffing requirements.

The screening and hiring process involves;

  • A thorough selection of staff.
  • Rigorous interviews.
  • Serious validation of skills
  • Accepting only candidates graduated from accredited institutions.
  • Ascertaining work history and checking references.
  • Examining immunization and relevant medical records.

Knowing these requirements is the most important step in finding these healthcare nurse staffing services, since they give you an edge and a competitive advantage.

Social Media Recruiting and Hiring

The current worker generation relies on social media and the internet to find jobs. Online job boards give workers the platform to showcase their skills, knowledge, and interest in a specific niche. Linking up with a nurse staffing agency on their social media platform gets you closer to being interviewed, screened, and hired.


Referrals are known to be the best way to get new hires. According to CareerBuilder research, 65% of healthcare companies use referrals for recruiting nurses and other professionals. Therefore, connecting with more experts in your field gives you a better advantage when you need quality staffing services.

Once you have pre-fulfilled all the requirements listed by potential healthcare recruitment agencies, connect with them on social media platforms, polish your connections for referrals, or, if possible, send in an application directly.

Bottom Line

Per diem medical staffing is plainly interpreted to mean “per day” hiring. This kind of staffing’s fast recruitment and hiring process helps to avert abrupt and unexpected clinical staff shortages, even for hard-to-fill positions. Per diem staffing services are easier to land since per diem is easier than recruiting and hiring permanent medical professionals.

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