A cremation service like Arlington Mortuary can obviously cremate your loved one after they’ve passed. However, that’s not the only thing that needs to be done after someone has passed away, and this is far from the only service available at arlingtonmortuary com. What can cremation services do for you?

Plan Your Entire Funeral with You

Funeral homes can plan every detail of your funeral and then ensure that your wishes are carried out upon your death. What casket do you want to be shown in? Do you want an open or closed casket at the funeral? Do you want to be cremated? If so, what type of urn would you prefer? What flowers do you want at the funeral? What would you like mentioned in the eulogy? Do you want money collected for a specific charity? Who do you want invited to the funeral? These are decisions best made while you’re alive than asking your family to come up with the answers. And you’ll prevent a potential cause of conflict, if your children and grandchildren can’t get into a fight over how you’re interred.

Set Up Your Obituary

Your family is probably going to be overwhelmed when you die. They may be left struggling with grief, medical bills, and a thousand other problems. Trying to write an obituary and then publish it in the local paper is last on their list, and few of us can write a good one when we’re coping with sudden loss. You can relieve your family of that burden by writing out an obituary yourself and giving it to the funeral home. They’ll publish it on their website and may arrange for it to be published in the local paper once they’ve been informed of your death.

Provide Flowers and Gifts

Funeral homes can provide a wide array of flowers and gifts. They’re creating floral arrangements for funerals all the time. This is why you can pick up flowers to take to someone else’s funeral from your local funeral home. If you visit arlingtonmortuary.com, you’ll find that some mortuaries go one step farther by offering tribute blankets, memorial art, memorial jewelry and even gift baskets. In these cases, you can order a basket of fruit, coffee or snacks sent to the loved ones left behind. Their sympathy baskets are far more tactful than a generic gift basket, because it is created and delivered by someone who understands what the recipient is going through. If you’re planning your own funeral, you can go through the catalog of faith gifts at arlingtonmortuary.com. You could pick out crosses or secular memorial jewelry to be given to your loved ones at your funeral, a permanent reminder of you they’ll treasure.

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